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About Libbsy

Libbsy is an online fashion e-commerce portal based in Kuwait. Libbsy was developed to cater the needs of local women vendors and designers to expand their small business by offering a new technologically advanced platform that gives them a wider reach and larger customer base. By being a member in libbsy club vendors will be having free of charge training in all areas of business management through variety of workshops and training courses.

Vendors will also have an online control panel and dashboards which will help them to track their daily commercial transactions. Libbsy is committed to providing its subscribers with marketing activities to ensure optimum exposure.

It is also designed to allow customers easy and convenient access to various quality products that they can chose from without the hassle of going into shopping malls and stores. Shopping online or through the mobile application gives them the comfort of shopping at their own leisure, chose from secure payment options, receive their orders through a speedy delivery service and around the clock customer service channels to respond to any questions or concerns.

Our mission: Establishing an e-commerce gateway for local vendors, boutique owners and fashion designers as a way to demonstrate our passion in supporting local small businesses and women entrepreneurs.


Accessible Website

LIBBSY is an online fashion e-commerce portal which provides women with all of their wardrobe needs from head to toe. The portal is made so easy allowing you to have fun while shopping online with a wide and exclusive range of local and international products

Mobile Application

LIBBSY developed a comprehensive mobile application for the users to make their life easy. LIBBSY specialized features and application gives our customers the comfort of shopping at their own leisure. Step by step procedures are well specified at LIBBSY for the easiness of use. Get connected with LIBBSY wherever you go. We enable the customers to buy on the go. With our latest technology, customers can browse our website and shop using smart phones or tablets. So shop whatever or wherever you want.

Available Wide Selection of Products

The products available on LIBBSY for you are of variety of sources. It is a marketplace with thousands of shops, retailers and designers selling a wide range of products. Famous brand and off brand items including women's clothing, accessories, jewelry, handbags, shoes, watches, accessories, jewelry, beauty supplies, sunglasses, scarves, and many more are found on LIBBSY. We also support our Kuwaiti style fashion products. You will find many Kuwaiti female couturiers are showcasing their innovative designs in LIBBSY.

Opportunity to Connect

LIBBSY enables an opportunity for you to get connected with different designers and show your likes and dislikes. An experience which is worth enough for making you to come back to us again and again.

Latest Trends & High Quality Products

LIBBSY keeps its fingers on the pulse to stay fully relevant with latest trends. Thousands of latest local and international style collections are found in LIBBSY. Also, all our products are genuine and new. Every seller listed with us is required to enter into a legal agreement to sell only new and genuine items. We diligently approve only those sellers who can be trusted to sell you high quality items at unbeatable prices. We don't allow sale of duplicates, knock-offs, used items or grey-channel items on LIBBSY.

Flexible Secure Payment

All your purchases on LIBBSY are secured through high security protocols. We offer our customers different type of payments at their convenience. Get 100% payment protection on your purchases with us.

Punctual Delivery

We take pride in satisfying our customers by delivering products and services that meet specified requirements within the agreed schedule. We are committed to continuously improving the processes, so that they meet your important deadlines

Customer Service

LIBBSY provides outstanding customer services to you before, during and after a purchase. Successful customer interaction through different channels such as call center ,contact us page, emails and social media are available all times for you. We want to hear and serve you.

Large Customer Base

Through a thorough knowledge of who the targeted customers are, LIBBSY relies on reaching out the larger customer base for its progress and growth. We aim to help you reach those customers to expand your business. Join us and reach to millions of online buyers in Kuwait and worldwide.

Hassle free business

LIBBSY strives to build a long lasting and trusting relationship with our vendors. A dedicated team that will cater your business needs is ready to serve you. By being a LIBBSY vendor, you will have more time to focus on developing your products and less time doing time consuming tasks.

Latest Smart Technology

LIBBSY believes in the power of smart technologies in our lives including those used in business. We offer you smart applications to monitor and run your business on the go. LIBBSY offers you in-depth reports showing you instant indicators to track your performance and customers feedback.

Always Open 24x7

LIBBSY does not have fixed working hours ,we are always open on 24X7 base. Enjoy your off-hours and let your sales on LIBBSY continue to build up.

Constant Marketing

LIBBSY offers our vendors smart targeted campaigns to reach customers. Save your money and let us promote on your behalf all your products . From digital marketing to promotions and advertisements ,we have them all to support you in reaching out.

Outstanding Customer Service

LIBBSY guarantees anoutstanding services for all our vendors. With our experienced team we will handles all customer contact on your behalf. We offer this service through phone ,website ,emails and social media communication. Moreover ,you will be able to know the feedback ,requests and complaints of buyers instantly via online notifications.

Dedicated and Motivated Team for You

LIBBSY provides their vendors with motivated, talented and dedicated team to do all business back end activities for them. From marketing, sales, customer services ,packaging ,we do everything on your behalf.With our motivated employees you will be able to offer better services, because the team will feel like this is their product and will want to make sure that it provides real value to customers. They will go the extra mile to make your product stand out off any competition.

Free of Charge Training Program

We believe in social responsibility. By being a member in LIBBSY CLUB, vendors will be having free of charge training in all areas of business management through variety of workshops and training courses. We will help the members to polish their technical managerial skills through continuous and free of charge training. LIBBSY CLUB will empower thousands entrepreneurs and SME’s to achieve their business goals .The courses will be focusing on these areas:

  • Business Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Customer Services
  • Accounting
  • Product Development

Continoius Assistnce

During the growth of your business you will need more services, we hear you and we want to help. LIBBSY team will assist you to get different services whenever you need them ,these services will be provided on reasonable charges :

  • Specialized promotional campaigns
  • Advertisements
  • Photography
  • Commercial licenses and set up
  • Web solutions
  • Events and exhibitions
  • Specialized training
  • Business consultancy and studies


Corporate Social Responsibility

Majority of women entrepreneurs working in the fashion industry are operating their businesses in unorganized platforms. Their potential should be identified and developed and adequate infrastructure support will be at a great help in this aspect.

As part of our social responsibility program we offer our vendors free of charge training during their subscription. Libbsy Club is the place where our vendors can connect, learn and share their experience . By doing this , members will have:

  • Sense of Accomplishment
  • Access to opportunities and resources
  • The power to control their own businesses and sources of livelihood
  • Ability to influence the direction of social and economic changes in the region

We will be offering women entrepreneurs the opportunity to get proper training in all business related areas to succeed and getting them organized.

Libbsy welcome and appreciate every contribution and support to empower our vendors .Please call us to get more details about our sponsorship program.

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